Our Network

The strength of the collective is perhaps HES’s strongest asset, the combined skills and experience of the partners means we have built and grown businesses as both entrepreneurs and investors, this means we have taken hands on roles in new businesses, growing and rapid growth businesses, acquisitions as well as stressed and under performing businesses all of whom have benefited from the roles we fulfilled.

At the heart of our approach is our associated network. Formed from of a broad range of successful businessmen and women, across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, the network allows us to provide our partner companies with industury experts available to offer help, advice and support from people with proven track records. Our network affiliates will often become members of the team formed to work within our partner companies to help focus future strategy and business development.

Our network therefore brings contacts to companies who provide additional industry specific business skills that can be immediately deployed and used to support growth. These experts may have access to market intelligence (market data, market trends, competitor analysis), a strong local business network that supports the HES vision for development and can even be executive and non executive directors ready work with the team from the start.

In addition to our internally placed experts HES also has strong links to all other essential business advisors including:

  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • PR / Marketing
  • Advertisers
  • IT providers
  • Digital and creative
  • Recruiters – for resourcing needs of business
  • Specialists – sales team development, systems development, operations improvement
  • Access to Corporates – for acquisitions or indeed for an exit route
  • Funders - Conventional and non-conventional
  • and more...

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