• "Successful experienced business people working in collaboration with knowledgeable passionate partners, to inspire, support and add value to businesses."

About HES

We focus on adding value by supporting entrepreneurial businesses as they develop and grow through honest and realistic strategies that provide practical equity investment, finance or business development We want to help you achieve set goals and objectives in a measured and progressive way.

Who We Are

HES are a business solutions provider. No matter what your type of business, the sector in which you work, or the help you currently feel may be required, HES can help.

HES are always confident in our ability to help create, define, implement and manage solutions for any business at any stage in its development, from young and growing companies to established businesses preparing for the next big step.

Our Network

At the heart of our approach is our associated network. Formed from of a broad range of successful businessmen and women, across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, the network allows us to provide our partner companies with industury experts available to offer help, advice and support from people with proven track records. Our network affiliates will often become members of the team formed to work within our partner companies to help focus future strategy and business development.

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